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Carpetia Royal

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Carpetia Royal

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Instabilelab chooses to leave extreme freedom in the choice of graphics, allowing them to be printed on any type of support.

Carpetia Royal

Where is the line between being remembered and being memorable?
In timeless beauty. In value without compromise. In the co-
range of expression. Carpetia Royal is the quest for these absolutes.
A collection that tells of the highest expression of prestige and
creativity in the Instabilelab carpet offering.


A tangible tale that starts with the selection of the most pre-
materials, capable of satisfying the touch with boundless refinement.
It continues with the sight, through bold designs and patterns that
the character and prestige of each space. It culminates in objects
precious objects of timeless beauty. Of uncompromising value.
Made to be memorable.

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